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    No matter what time of year you choose to holiday on Bornholm, there are always good, fun and exciting activities around the island.

    Of course, peak season has extra deals, but less can sometimes do the trick.

    Optional add-ons

    For those who like to plan a little from home, Places Bornholm offers a number of options that can be purchased in connection with booking a hotel stay. Click through our list of dining options, attractions, etc. There's something for everyone.

    What is happening?

    If you want to keep up to date with what is happening on Bornholm - right now, we recommend that all holidaymakers use the Event Calendar.

    You can also download the app: Bornholm, the official travel guide for your smartphone. So you have an overview of what is happening - at your fingertips.

    Welcome to Bornholm.


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