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    Wishes for the accommodation:

    We want an extra bed in the room, but cannot book it online. What do we do?

    If you cannot book a room with an extra bed, contact us. In certain cases, it may be that we can book the extra bed, even if you cannot book it online. We don't promise anything, but we're happy to try.


    I want a single room, but only double rooms come up in the search. What do I do?

    In most hotels you can either book a single room or you can book a double room as a single room. If you have any doubts, you are very welcome to contact us so that we can help you with your booking.


    We have a wheelchair user with us on the trip. Do you have hotels that are wheelchair accessible?

    As a starting point, we do not have any products where we can guarantee that they are suitable for all types of disabilities, but we can often find accommodation that meets your needs. There is a very large difference in the requirements of the individual wheelchair user. That's why we ask you to call us and have a chat, so that we can hopefully find accommodation that suits your particular needs.


    Can we bring a dog?

    It varies from hotel to hotel whether you are allowed to bring a dog. If you are searching from the front page of our website, be sure to refer to the question "Dog brought", ie. there must be a full dot in "Yes". If you book in another way, please check whether dogs are allowed in the selected holiday home by opening the "Important information" tab. There is a fee to bring a dog. The fee varies between hotels. If you wish to bring more than 1 dog, you must notify us in advance.

    Service at the accommodation:

    Is there linen in the holiday home?

    If you book a hotel room, there will be linen incl. in the price. If you book an apartment or a cabin, you must either order linen before arrival or bring linen from home. This applies to both bed linen and towels.


    Is cleaning included in the price?

    When booking an apartment or cabin, you must pay for departure cleaning. The price of cleaning will appear separately on your booking confirmation. The cleaning is mandatory and you cannot opt ​​out of it.

    When booking hotel rooms, cleaning is included. in the price. Please note that not all hotels provide daily room cleaning. Some hotels have daily cleaning, others only on departure and still others have chosen a solution in between.

    Do we have to pay for electricity consumption?

    Consumption is incl. in the price and is paid together with the stay.


    When do I pay for my journey?

    If you book earlier than 45 days before arrival, the trip is paid in two installments: 25% of the total amount is paid within 10 days of booking. The balance is payable 45 days prior to arrival. If you book within 45 days before arrival, the entire trip must be paid at the time of booking.


    How do I pay for the journey?

    You can pay with Dankort, credit card or Mobilpay, or you can pay via bank transfer. To pay online, go to the booking via this link: My holiday (find the password in the booking confirmation).


    According to the booking confirmation, we have to pay today, but the bank is closed. What do we do?

    The easiest way is to follow the link in the email with the confirmation and pay with Dankort or credit card. It is free to pay with Dankort. Alternatively, payment can be made by bank transfer on the first possible banking day (see bank details in the attached confirmation). For bookings less than 7 days before arrival, you must pay for the trip by credit card.


    I paid the 1st installment with a credit card – can you withdraw the 2nd installment from the card?

    Unfortunately no. We do not receive the credit card information, just the amount.

    Transport to Bornholm:

    How do I get to Bornholm by car?
    We have gathered information about your options on this page.


    How do I get to Bornholm without a car?
    See our overview on this page. If you want to fly to Bornholm, we can order plane tickets for you.


    How do I book ferry tickets?
    You can order your ferry ticket easily and quickly at www.bornholmslinjen.dk


    Is it necessary to book ferry tickets in advance?
    Yes, we absolutely recommend booking ferry tickets well in advance. There are many sold-out departures, especially in summer. Your stay cannot be refunded after the usual deadline due to lack of space on the ferry.

    Arrival and departure times:

    We arrive late in the evening. How do we get the key?

    At most hotels and holiday parks, they will leave the key ready for you at reception upon arrival. However, it is a very good idea to contact us in advance so that we can inform the resort of the time of arrival.


    We arrive in Bornholm early in the day. Can we check in earlier?

    The answer depends on the day and how busy the resort is. You are welcome to write to us in advance with your wish, which we will then pass on to the resort.


    We have to leave Bornholm early in the morning. Can we have breakfast earlier than usual?

    This depends on the individual accommodation. Please contact reception during your stay and agree a solution with them in advance.

    The booking confirmation:

    The booking confirmation on page 2 is empty. Am I missing a page?
    No. If page 2 is empty, you are not missing a page. This happens due to the page setup on your computer/printer. You do not have to do anything.


    What are "Optional extras"?

    "Optional extras" is a summary of the additional purchases that appear next to each name (further down on the confirmation).


    What is a Handling Fee?

    All our guests pay a handling fee, regardless of whether they book online or by mail/telephone. The fee covers our work in passing on your wishes to hotels, securing confirmations of the stay, mediating payment to hotels and experience suppliers, etc.


    I am not satisfied with the accommodation. What should I do?

    If you experience errors and omissions at the accommodation, please contact the reception. They will usually be able to help you. If the reception cannot help, you are of course welcome to direct your inquiry to us. Also read the Travel Conditions if you wish to complain about the stay.