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    Traveling to Bornholm is easy

    It is popular with holidaymakers to take the trip across the Øresund Bridge and drive to Ystad. From Ystad, the ferry sails to Rønne. It only takes 1 hour and 20 min. Others choose to fly from Copenhagen Airport. The trip by plane only takes 40 min.

    Here is an overview of the different travel paths:


    Ystad - Rønne. Sailing time 1 hour and 20 min.

    Køge - Rønne. Sailing time 5 hours and 30 min.

    Sassnitz - Rønne. Sailing time 3 hours and 30 min.

    Contact: Bornholmslinjen


    Copenhagen - Rønne. Fly time: 40 min. (Week 1-52)

    Billund - Rønne. Fly time: 75 min. (week 14-42)

    Central Jutland- Rønne. Fly time: 50 min. (week 27-32)

    Aalborg - Rønne. Fly time: 75 min. (week 14-42)

    Aarhus - Rønne. Fly time: 65 min (week 27-32)

    Contact: DAT


    There are bus connections to Bornholm, incl. ferry via Ystad several times a day. Bornholmerbussen (rute 866) departs from Copenhagen Central Station several times a day. If you are bringing a bicycle with you on the bus, then we recommend rute 700 or Kombardo Expressen, which also runs from Copenhagen to Bornholm.


    Travel by train via Malmö to Ystad. Here you can book space for your bicycle. Book your tickets at www.dsb.dk.

    Car rental

    There are several companies offering car rental from Bornholm Airport, which is approx. 10 km from Rønne Centrum.

    DAT collaborates with Europcar and it is possible to book flights and cars on the DAT website.


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