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    Bornholm, wer, was, wo?

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    Here you will find answers to some of the questions about Bornholm that we know most people are looking for.

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    You are welcome to send an email, but we are best at helping with accommodation :) Feel free to contact Bornholm's Tourist Information/Destination Bornholm on +45 56959500, info@bornholm.info and www.bornholm.info.

    How big is Bornholm?

    Area: 588.36 square kilometers. Coastal length: 158 km. The longest stretch as seen from north to south (from Hammeren to Dueodde) is 40 km.

    What to see on Bornholm?

    Nature is unique. No other place in Denmark has cliffs and sandy beaches with the same fine white sand. Food culture and handicrafts must also be seen and experienced. Bornholm is well-known for its high level of local ingredients and culinary arts. The island is also known throughout the world for ceramics and glass art.

    The holiday island of Bornholm has offers for every holidaymaker. Check the Event calendar at https://bornholm.info/search/?category=events or download the app: Bornholm, the official travel guide. There is no excuse for being bored.

    How many people live on Bornholm?

    Bornholm has 39,606 inhabitants (January 2021).

    How do you get to Bornholm?

    You can fly directly from Copenhagen Airport and (depending on the season) also from various destinations in Jutland.

    You can take the ferry from Ystad, this journey is very popular with drivers, but also with pedestrians who travel by bus from Copenhagen.

    You can take the ferry from Køge.

    It also operates ferries from Swinoujscie in Poland and Sassnitz in Germany.

    Where is Bornholm located?

    Bornholm is located in the Baltic Sea south of Sweden. Coordinates: 55°8′N 14°54′E / 55.133°N 14.900°E.

    How many round churches are there on Bornholm?

    4 i total. Østerlars Round Church, Olsker Round Church, Nyker Round Church and Nylars Round Church.

    When was Bornholm liberated?

    May 9, 1945, but the last Soviet troops did not leave Bornholm until April 5, 1946. Therefore, April 5, 1946 is considered Bornholm's liberation.

    When is the Folkemøde on Bornholm?

    Folkemødet, Denmark's annually democraty festival is always held in week 24 in June.

    Where should you live on Bornholm?

    It really depends on what you are looking for. If it is close to the beach, the areas of Balka, Snogebæk and Dueodde are a good choice (South of Bornholm).

    If it is more rocks and wild nature that you are looking for, then Allinge-Sandvig is the one you should choose (North of Bornholm).

    On the East Coast, towns such as Svaneke and Gudhjem are very popular. The place with many offers for those who enjoy life, where you can live the sweet holiday life.

    When it comes to accommodation, Places Bornholm will always recommend a great hotel. Of course, it depends on what you as a holiday guest are looking for. Bornholm also has lovely summer houses.

    What can you do on Bornholm?

    You can do whatever you want. As long as you are nice and nice and show consideration for other vacationers. Bornholmers also appreciate people who speak nicely and take good care of nature.

    How long is Bornholm?

    Coastal length: 158 km. The longest distance as seen from Hammeren to Dueodde is 40 km. It is 30 km from Rønne to Svaneke.

    How many towns are there on Bornholm?

    Bornholm has 6 towns of a certain size (according to Bornholm conditions). These are Rønne (main city), Nexø, Aakirkeby, Allinge, Hasle and Svaneke.

    If you include some of the slightly smaller towns, there are quite a few more towns on the rocky island.

    This list counts a total of 36 Bornholm towns - pssst! they love to have visitors ;)

    Allinge, Arnager, Aakirkeby, Aarsballe, Aarsdale, Balka, Boderne, Bodilsker, Bølshavn, Dueodde, Gudhjem, Hasle, Klemensker, Listed, Lobbæk, Melsted, Nexø, Nyker, Nylars, Olsker, Pedersker, Rutsker, Rø, Rønne, Sandkås, Sandvig, Snogebæk, Sorthat-Muleby, Svaneke, Sømarken, Teglkås, Tejn, Vang, Vestermarie, Østerlars, Østermarie.

    When did the Russians leave Bornholm?

    April 5, 1946.

    When does the sun set on Bornhom?

    Click here and see the answer

    Which region does Bornholm belong to?

    The Capital Region.

    How far is it around Bornholm?

    Bornholm has a circumference of 141 km.

    Which Danish island is slightly smaller than Bornholm?

    Falster is slightly smaller than Bornholm.

    Denmark consists of approx. 400 islands. Bornholm is Denmark's fifth largest island.

    In which waters is Bornholm?

    The Baltic Sea.

    How much does it cost to fly to Bornholm?

    Check current prices on the airline DAT's website: https://dat.dk.

    When did Bornholm originate?

    The northern part of the island is 1,700 million years old. The southern part is somewhat younger and only approx. 500-540 million years old.

    Visit NaturBornholm. Here you can experience the history, nature and geology of Bornholm.

    How many churches are there on Bornholm?

    There are 22 folk churches incl. the island's 4 round churches on Bornholm. There is free entry and hymn singing every Sunday.

    How many rocking stones are there on Bornholm?

    Bornholm has 3 rocking stones. They find in respectively Almindingen, Paradisbakkerne and Rutsker Højlyng.

    What is the weather like on Bornholm?

    It's fine, for the most part. There can often be local differences in the weather - for example in the middle of the island and on the coasts. Check your weather app.

    How many tourists come to Bornholm annually?

    Bornholm has approx. 600,000 holidaymakers every year.

    How much does it cost to sail to Bornholm?

    Check current prices on the ferry company Bornholmslinjen's website: https://www.bornholmslinjen.dk/.

    How many smokehouses are there on Bornholm?

    There are a total of 10 smokehouses along the Bornholm coast:

    • Nordbornholm Smokehouse (Allinge)
    • Snogebæk
    • Allinge
    • Gudhjem
    • Swaneke
    • Nexo
    • Bakkarøgeriet (Øster Sømark)
    • Aarsdale
    • Arnager
    • Hasle Smokehouse

    Where can you buy "Krølle Bølle" ice cream on Bornholm?

    Apart from the name, Krølle Bølle-is is no longer a trademark associated with Bornholm.

    On the other hand, Bornholm has several local ice cream producers. Here a few that should be highlighted. Sandvig Is Kalas, Nordikos and Bornholms Ismejeri.

    Why is Bornholm called the Sunshine Island?

    The number of hours of sunshine is greater than in the rest of Denmark, that's why.

    How many municipalities are there on Bornholm?

    Since 1 January 2003, Bornholm has had 1 municipality (Bornholm's Regional Municipality). Previously, the island had 5 municipalities (Allinge-Gudhjem, Hasle, Nexø, Rønne and Aakirkeby).

    Where is Ekkodalen (The Echo vally)?

    Ekkodalen is located in Almindingen, the island's large forest area in the middle of the island. It's about. 9 km from Aakirkeby to Ekkodalen.