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    A Green Heart

    Everyone loves Bornholm 

    At Blomme's Place, we have a great love for Bornholm’s nature and work every day to run our hotel as sustainably as possible. 

    In our daily lives, this means:

    • We serve breakfast in a way that reduces food waste 
    • We use local and organic ingredients whenever possible 
    • We sort our waste and ask our guests to do the same 
    • We up-cycle furniture and buy second-hand where it makes sense 
    • We only wash your towels when you ask us to 
    • We minimise water usage hope that you will do the same
    • We save power via LED lights, sensors and by paying attention

    Never let being good stop you from striving to be better

    We continuously try to adapt our operations so that we put as little strain on the environment and nature as possible. We're on our way, but we're not at the goal yet. If you have good ideas on how we can become even more sustainable, we would love to hear from you.


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