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    Community and togetherness

    When people meet - The best thing about travelling is having time for each other. But we also love meeting new people, being inspired, and sharing our experiences. When you visit Blomme's Place there’s a good opportunity for both. Together or together separately - You can enjoy breakfast with your own travel companions, or sit down at a long tabl...Read more


    Who is the most important... you are - Hosting - Blomme's style means, among other things, that we value time with our guests more than the daily cleaning and bed-making. There should always be time to talk with our guests. We think that is a part of being a good host. Our hotel can accommodate a lot of active holiday life, but is not so large as...Read more

    A Green Heart

    Everyone loves Bornholm - At Blomme's Place, we have a great love for Bornholm’s nature and work every day to run our hotel as sustainably as possible. In our daily lives, this means: We serve breakfast in a way that reduces food waste We use local and organic ingredients whenever possible We sort our waste and ask our guests to do the same...Read more