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    Food and drink

    A good start

    At Blomme's, we care greatly about offering our guests a healthy and nutritious start to the day, so you can take on a full day of activities and experiences on the island. We also serve lunch and dinner, but only on special occasions. There are several excellent restaurants on Bornholm, including here in Snogebæk which is within walking distance of Blomme's Place. Of course, we can also guide you to other great eateries. 

    The taste of holidays

    Blomme's Place offers a lovely breakfast, cooked fresh and served lovingly. Breakfast can be adapted to you and your wishes, and in order to minimise food waste, we have purposely opted out of a large breakfast buffet. Our bread is home-baked and the ingredients are, as far as possible, both organic and local. We have ensured that there are also options for those with gluten and lactose allergies, as well as those who eat vegan.

    A hot drink or two

    Our guests deserve a proper cup of coffee or quality tea. At Blomme's Place, we do not believe that instant coffee and good old Medova are good enough for our guests. Instead, quality coffee and tea are free for all our guests. Drinks can be picked up in the restaurant throughout the day, as many times as you like.

    Water or Wine? 

    Our Honesty Bar offers drinks such as juice, soft drinks, beer and wine. The bar is open from morning to evening, so you can always find refreshment. In our café, we make sure it is always possible to buy snacks or something sweet. The café is open in the afternoon and evening. 

    On Bornholm, we trust each other. Therefore the idea is that you serve yourself, write your purchase on a note, and settle your bill before departure.

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