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    Holiday experiences

    When you book a stay at Blomme's Place you also have the opportunity to purchase additional holiday experiences at a discount.

    What makes a good holiday better?

    A good Bornholm island holiday also includes experiencing the sunshine island's many offers.

    You can easily choose holiday experiences on Bornholm when you book your holiday at Blomme's Place. First select the hotel and then click on the options you would like.

    What can you choose?

    We have selected some of the most popular holiday experiences on Bornholm, which can be divided into three categories:

    Island holiday with food experiences, Active island holiday and Island holiday classic.

    You will of course get a discount on the experiences when you book them together for a hotel stay through Blomme's Place.

    Read more about our offer of holiday experiences below.

    Package tours

    Is there anything better than a holiday? - Not if you ask us ;) We have put together several great package deals with a stay at Blomme's Place. Click on the package and read more below. Active Holidays - You have no doubt heard that Bornholm is a lovely place, but did you also know that there is much to experience throughout Bornholm during the h...Read more

    Outdoor Challenge

    Up for a Challenge? - Bornholm has everything from cliffs to be climbed to coasts to be sailed. Combine your holiday on Bornholm with exciting outdoor activities, such as rock climbing, mountain biking, SUP, sea kayaking and windsurfing. An Outdoor Challenge consists of 5 activities. Read more about the individual outdoor activities below. Holiday...Read more

    Single weeks at Blommes Place

    Single weeks at Blomme's Place - Holiday alone - together - It's great to have a holiday, both alone and with others. Many like the freedom to choose freely what to do on holiday, where to eat etc. If you take a holiday as a single person, it gives you the opportunity to ensure that the holiday will be exactly as you want and happen at a pace tha...Read more


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