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    Holiday Offers

    Is there anything better than a holiday?

    Not if you ask us ;) We have put together several great package deals with a stay at Blomme's Place. Click on the package and read more below.

    Active Holidays

    You have no doubt heard that Bornholm is a lovely place, but did you also know that there is much to experience throughout Bornholm during the holiday season?

    Many of these experiences can be purchased, at a reduced rate, together with your stay at Blomme's Place.

    Blomme's recommendations

    Let us start by highlighting our cycling and hiking holidays. Bornholm has an abundance of nature that you will not find beaten anywhere else in Denmark. 

    Sea, cliffs and Northern Europe's best beaches; A Bornholm island holiday can also include surfing, rock climbing, sea kayaking, and yoga. Not to mention that Bornholm also hosts four golf courses.

    There are opportunities for a whole variety of experiences all over the island. 

    Take a sailing trip along the coast, or an excursion to Cristiansø (Isle of Christian), Denmark's most easterly point.

    Travel with DAT

    For a quick journey over the Baltic to Bornholm, we recommend a flight. We can also book these tickets for you.

    A completely unigue holiday

    At Blomme's Place we can tailor your unique package with experiences, travel and accommodation. So what would you like? Call or write, and we will create exactly the Bornholm holiday you have always dreamed of :)



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