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    Outdoor Challenge

    Up for a Challenge?

    Bornholm has everything from cliffs to be climbed to coasts to be sailed.

    Combine your holiday on Bornholm with exciting outdoor activities, such as rock climbing, mountain biking, SUP, sea kayaking and windsurfing.

    An Outdoor Challenge consists of 5 activities. Read more about the individual outdoor activities below.

    Holiday with outdoor

    If you e.g. are on holiday for a week and have the guts to take on an Outdoor Challenge, you can get up every day with a new outdoor activity on the programme. The individual activity takes 2-3 hours, so there is also time to go to the beach and other experiences in the Bornholm holiday landscape.

    Would you rather just do a simple outdoor activity or two? We can easily help with that. Contact us by email or phone and we will find out something.

    Activities - Outdoor Challenge

    Rock Climbing

    Try your hand at the Bornholm cliffs. You will learn the basic climbing techniques on this course and have plenty of time to try a lot of climbing routes. Climbing equipment is incl. in the price. Duration 2 hours.

    Mountain biking

    Full speed ahead! Drive the best Bornholm tracks with an experienced guide. Mountain bike and helmet are included. in the price. Duration 2 hours.

    SUP (Stand Up Paddle) Surfing

    We review equipment and safety. You will learn to keep your balance, to paddle and maneuver the SUP board. Equipment, wet suit, etc. is incl. in the price. Duration 2 hours.

    Sea kayaking

    We paddle a nice trip along Bornholm's west coast. First, we review the equipment and kayak, and practice how to maneuver a kayak. After that we get a few km in our arms. All equipment is incl. in the price. Duration 2 hours.


    Get a good introduction to windsurfing and learn to master wind and sails. All equipment is incl. in the price. Duration 3 hours.