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    Blommes’s Place is situated in Snogebæk, a village close to the sea on Bornholms south coast. From Blomme’s Place it is just an 8 minute walk to the beach, even in flip flops. 

    Hotel's address

    Hotel Blomme’s Place
    Ellegade 9, Snogebæk
    3730 Nexø

    Snogebæk - South bornholms juwel of the coast

    Snogebæk is south bornholms' most idyllic location during the summer. The town is a perfect location for beachgoers, sitting between two of Bornholm’s most famous beaches,  Balka- og Dueodde Strand
    If fact when you visit Snogebæk you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a place to take a dip.

    Authentic Holiday Experiences

    Snogebæk has managed to retain its original charm as a fishing village whilst still developing into an excellent place for eating out with several good restaurants, cafes and street food by the harbour. It is also in Snogebæk that you will find the legendary Sørens Tavern.

    In Snogebæk they produce excellent chocolates and organic ice creams. Along the main street around the harbour, you will find many small shops with Bornholm handicrafts in glass and ceramics. A good ice cream on a sunny day, beach life and only 6 km to Nexø, this is what makes Snogebæk a popular destination for both holidaymakers and the locals.

    from Blomme’s Place it is...

    • 1 km to Balka Strand
    • 1,2 km to ice cream shops, local pub and street food
    • 1,3 km to the closest smokehouse
    • 2 km to the surf school and sea kayak rentals
    • 5 km to Dueodde Beach
    • 6 km til Nexø - the closest town 
    • 10 km to Paradisbakkerne (The Hills of Paradise)
    • 15 km to Svaneke
    • 19 km to Bison woods
    • 25 km to Bornholms airport
    • 30 km to Rønne ferry terminal
    • 43 km to Hammershus Castle Ruin - You can’t get further away on Bornholm!


    Blomme's Place - part of Places Bornholm