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    The bed is made

    Blomme's Place has 25 rooms. All rooms have their own shower and toilet, and a nice little covered patio, facing the hotel's garden. The hotel has four family rooms that can accommodate 3 to 4 people.

    Beauty comes from within

    All our rooms are decorated in a Nordic boho style, which exudes holiday, freedom and pure cosiness. There is room for you and all the essentials, without superfluous space. The style can be described as a blend of Scandinavian functionality and simplicity with untraditional and artistic bohemian influences.

    A strong community

    Our philosophy is that a holiday should be lived outside and in the company of other people. Therefore, we have not installed TVs in the rooms. If you would like to stream Netflix or similar in the room, you are welcome to borrow a screen that you can pick up in reception. Visit our Lounge where in addition to good company, you will find a common TV room, so you can enjoy a good show with others.

    A good cup of coffee

    Real coffee tastes better. At Blomme's we have dropped the tiny electric kettle and instant coffee you would find in rooms elsewhere. Instead we encourage you to enjoy our free coffee in the restaurant. This applies to all hotel guests.


    Blomme's Place - part of Places Bornholm