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    Single weeks at Blomme's Place

    Holiday alone - together

    It's great to have a holiday, both alone and with others.

    Many like the freedom to choose freely what to do on holiday, where to eat etc.

    If you take a holiday as a single person, it gives you the opportunity to ensure that the holiday will be exactly as you want and happen at a pace that suits you - also without having to compromise and miss out on experiences with other people.

    At Blomme's Place, we like to be the setting for social gatherings and good fellowship, but our guests always decide for themselves how much they want to participate.

    Vacation with benefits

    In 2023, we offer guests at Blomme's Place who are traveling alone a special benefit in weeks 19, 25 and 36.

    By purchasing Blomme's single week package holidays, you as a single get a double room at a particularly advantageous price and the opportunity to participate in various holiday activities. See our single week package tours below.

    Worth knowing

    You are of course more than welcome to book our single week package holidays, even if you are married or have a girlfriend, as long as you are traveling without your partner, so that you are traveling alone.

    All types of guests are welcome at Blomme's Place in weeks 19, 25 and 36. It is not a requirement that you book a single week package tour.